The federal court process is a highly specialized area. Federal cases are NOT the same as state court cases. Federal civil procedure and federal criminal procedure rules are much different from state court. So when you have federal cases you need a federal lawyer who understands the federal court system.

Experienced Federal Lawyers

At Vivian Williams, P.C. we provide the experience and knowledge of the federal process that you need for effective representation in the federal courts. With an extensive federal practice you will find a federal attorney that is effective and aggressive. Call us to speak with a federal attorney who could get results for you.
We understand that experience alone is NOT going to get the result you are looking for in federal court in the most cost effective and efficient way, that is why when you work with a federal attorney here you will have an attorney who places a great deal of emphasis on the most advance research resource and law firm management technology. We combine federal court experience with research capacity so that we may stay a few steps ahead of other federal lawyers.

Federal Appeals

The firm’s does work in federal district courts, federal court of appeals, and United States Supreme Court appeals. Vivian M. Williams is a U.S. Supreme Court attorney who aggressively litigate federal appeals. An unfavorable decision doesn’t have to end with the federal district court.

FEDERAL Practice Areas

Our Promise

No federal attorney regardless of experience or competence, could promise a particular outcome in a federal case. Experienced and competent federal attorneys know this very well. What we promise is to give our best effort, dedicate our time, skills and intellect to obtain the best possible outcome in your federal case. We will be persistent and prudent, and aggressive in litigating all federal cases we take on. We stand by our clients in their federal case even when the battle is tough you will have a federal attorney who doubles the effort to roll away the obstacles and confront the challenges.

From federal civil litigation to intellectual property, contact us to be your federal court representation. We are proud to serve clients in New York City and the New York Metro Area.